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July 13, 2012
Dhaari Taamrata CW ST 042Dhaari Taamrata CW ST 041Dhaari Manjul CW ST 047Dhaari Manjul CW ST 045Dhaari Manjul CW ST 044Dhaari Manjul CW ST 043
Dhaari Gaatik CW ST 047Daayami Taamrata HBB 012Daayami Manjul HBB 013Daayami Manjul HBB 011Daayami Gaatik HBs 023Daayami Gaatik HBs 022
Dhaari Taamrata CW ST 04614 BW 001BW 002 Interiors 1Gazebo 24Gazebo at Taj Bekal
Cidade De Goa Latino Bar 1Bamboo Cottage Exteriors 4Bamboo Barbeque Hut 38mtr Pavilion 1

We, at Greenearth Culture, have embarked on a journey to develop a social enterprise that will help develop a much neglected and conventional product called the bamboo matte with a further neglected but vast workforce of traditional artisans.

India is home to a large number of women artisans skilled in “Handwoven Bamboo Craft” but refrained from it due to lack of economic returns and unjust association of the product with social discrimination. The traditional perception of bamboo as a low cost material for short term applications coupled with meager financial returns has kept this sector from developing into a full fledged industry. Craft workers possessing inherent traditional skills ended up doing whatever menial jobs were available. This, in turn, led to increasing number of people engaging in vices thereby affecting basic family life and community living. The lack of opportunities compelled some of these skilled artisans to migrate to cities to engage in low paying jobs leading to a torn fabric of village life.

The potential to put to use an environment-rejuvenating material, with hardcore design intervention and application of Kaizen techniques, yielded rich dividends and thus was born “CHIVA”, an eco-friendly alternative to surface lamination like Formica/Sunmica and Veneer. CHIVA has been treated with non-toxic preservatives to increase its life expectancy and treated with natural dyes. It also has an extended application for product design, packaging and of course, the imagination of the users. Currently, we have about 50 veneer designs, patterns and colours for the raw, ethnic and contemporary.

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