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Greenearth Culture’s handcrafted bamboo veneer

July 17, 2012
Praharsh Gattik CW ST 082Praharsh Ebony CW ST 0103Praharsh Ebony CW ST 0102Praharsh Ebony CW ST 0101Praharsh Ebony CW ST 0100Praharsh Manjul CW ST 081
Jaalika Manjul Mu W 056Jaalika Manjul Mu W 055Jaalika Gaatik Mu W 052Gawaaksh Gaatik 034Jaalika Manjul Mu W 057

Greenearth Culture has embarked on a journey to develop a Handcrafted Bamboo Veneer-CHIVA. CHIVA is in sheet form meant for surface lamination for interiors, as an eco friendly alternative to Formicas, Sunmicas & Veneers. It can also be used in product design and packaging. CHIVA is crafted out of select hand tooled bamboo slivers, treated with non-toxic preservatives, stained with natural dyes and woven by traditional women artisans. Currently, there are 50 designs, patterns and colours for the raw, ethnic & contemporary.

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