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Eco-friendly crockery (plates, bowls, trays, etc.)

December 12, 2012

Say no to ‘plastic’ and ‘thermocol’ and use these ‘palm leaf’ plates instead.  These are biodegradable, compostable and environment friendly.  These are dishes made out of naturally fallen areca nut leaves with the help of simple mechanical  operation of equipment.  These are 100% natural palm leaf plates. The production process doesn’t require added chemicals. After the use the plates can be left to the ground where they compost in around two months. The plates can be also burnt without the fear of releasing chemicals.  The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees and is natural and environmental friendly from beginning to the end.  In looks and functionality the material has wood like qualities. It is durable without applying force, it resists heat and the texture of the leaf offers aesthetic and natural looks.



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  1. Dr. John Onyeka permalink

    It is simply incredibly exciting. The only issue is we will like to have an information on the cost. Still better will be a comparative cost analysis where this can be pitched against plates in plastic and other dangerous materials. Well done for this info and convincing photos.

  2. Dr. John Onyeka permalink

    beautiful. how much do they cost?

  3. Love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing us.
    I am interested about your product.
    Please give me more information about your product.

    Best regards
    Tanvir Ahmed
    Skype: tanvir020

  5. This is fantastic, a simple solution, just what we need! No mega processing involved!

  6. Captain Prabu.Y permalink

    Can i have the samples & the price details on this product

  7. Eco friend permalink

    Can you share me the price list for different items and their sizes.

  8. Tim S permalink

    Hi, I would like to have more details on products and pricing.Please email me on T

  9. Are there any risks with allergic reactions to people with food sensitivities?

    Please also let me know if anyone is importing these to the US.

    • As of now we havent found any. Since these are naturally fallen leaves and there is nothing added to it except moulding into shapes, there are no allergic reactions. There may be people importing but we arent aware.

  10. Karl permalink

    Brillaint application of turning a waste product into a resource with all the ticks. Well done
    please send me more info for Australia conditions. Thanks

    • Thank you. What kind of info would you like?

      • Karl permalink

        Thanks for getting back.
        Full specifications and whether or not they are heat treated as we have strict quarantine regulations to adhere to so we need to know as much about the contents and chemicals used especially if used for human food. Could you then provide me with a 20′ FCl assorted items and number of cartons. And an FOB price. Lets start with that and see what it leads to.

  11. Priti permalink

    Its beautifull & most important its GREEN!!
    I would like to know the cost.


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