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Greenearth Culture’s Grassroots Model Bamboo Cottage

February 6, 2013

It is said that many factors have to amalgamate at a single point to make a path breaking beginning.

Such is the story of Greenearth Culture’s Grassroots Model Bamboo Cottage project at Bhogve Beach at Sindhudurg.  Bhogve beach is located on the western shores of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra, India.  It is endowed with foamy waves thundering onto the silvery white sand.  Another attraction of Bhogve is the merging of the river Karli into the sea. This ‘Sangam’ (merger) of the Karli river’s estuary with the sea waters behind Deobaug’s famous Mobara Point is a treat to watch and will surely relieve you of stress and boredom.

Greenearth Culture was assigned this project due to the sheer initiative of a few radical individuals – a dynamic government officer, a government agency and a few local enthusiasts, who played critical roles to make it happen.

Catering to the tenets of “Green Building” practices, the Greenearth Culture’s Grassroots Model Bamboo Cottage uses one of the most eco-friendly and self-rejuvenating material – bamboo as the main structural frame work, reclaimed timber to encase its walls and flooring, and the locally abundant palm thatch for roofing. These cottages are also approved by a structural designer for its stability against high velocity winds and extreme environments.

A functional restroom, a compact bedroom for two and a sumptuous verandah to enthrall one’s stay to soak in the sights and sounds of the sea across, the creek at its footsteps and the grand Sindhudurg Fort at the right completes the vista.

A cluster of 9 cottages are sprinkled on the craggy hills hugging the beach with a few precariously perched on the edges. Built by Greenearth Culture and operated by locals, the Grassroots Model Bamboo Cottage is a first of its kind example of a sustainable tourism model in Sindhudurg, which has cooking gas made from waste, organic fertilizers for the vegetable patch and abundant seafood from the day’s fresh catch – all cooked by traditional methods to pamper travelers seeking an authentic and peaceful holiday.

The Grassroots Model Bamboo Cottage is a perfect example of handmade architecture complementing the environment to create a sustainable tourism model as a benchmark for others to follow.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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