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Homestays by Greenearth Culture

April 30, 2013

Homestays is one of the acknowledged form of tourism in the recent years. In Tourism its a force to reckon with for personalised services & authentic experiences in environments of its origins.

Its also an eco friendly form of tourism present in the world striving for uniqueness which can be educative & informative.

As against the spectator form of tourism, Homestays is perhaps the only form of tourism where the hosts & the guests can comfortably mingle, exchange knowledge & experiences which can be beneficial for both & enhance each others lives.

Invited to develop homestays in Sindhudurg, Greenearth Culture has indeed been a humble beneficiary gaining immense knowledge & hands on experience from traditional artisans with dormant traditional crafting techniques & materials knowledge. Enlightened by these methods we realised that if it could be used in its own place of origins for tourism, it could be a win win situation.

Thus the Homestays developed by us has an unmistakable strong local character incorporated with potent design capabilities creating abodes which are much sought for, giving good returns for the homestay owners.

It gives us great joy & immense pleasure to know that along with our work in bamboo, our design inputs are making a difference to families which once did not give a second thought to their homes or its surroundings, least of all as a potential source of income.

The few homes we have developed hold a place of pride in our portfolio of work implemented.


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