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CHIVA – Handcrafted Green Gifting Solution

October 16, 2013
Born of nature…
Crafted by tradition…

Shaped by art… 
CHIVA- Nature’s priceless gifts! 

Body Copy:- India’s culture has been blessed with a tradition of artisans, who created masterpieces by hand, using the simplest of tools. This age old practice has passed on through generations and even in today’s age Indian handicrafts are much sought after. At Greenearth Culture, we identified the most skilled practitioners of this art form; and groomed them into creating CHIVA by infusing contemporary styling into this age-old practice; giving birth to an eco-friendly new format. And in due course was born the ideal gifting solution for the 21st century- CHIVA – Handcrafted Green Gifting.

Whether it is a personal, or a corporate gift, these stylish bamboo boxes are perfect for sharing whatever your heart desires – from chocolates, to spirits, to sweets and savories. These boxes can even serve as ideal souvenirs; on shelves and mantelpieces, or even as a vase for displaying flowers, as Ikebana. Additionally, this is a completely green product, and hence…100% eco friendly. 
Do visit us at for more details.

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