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Vietnamese low cost housing by H&P architects

November 7, 2013

Developed by Vietnamese H&P architects, the low-cost housing project is situated in a flood-stricken region that receives extreme temperatures year-round. Meeting the basic residential needs of a residential dwelling, the building will be assembled using minimal components and bamboo module units. Secured using anchors, ties and solid connections, the structure will be strong enough to float in floods. built with local materials such as bamboo, leaves and recycled oil containers, the concept combines traditional architectural characteristics to distinguish the exterior fabric.



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  1. Very interesting idea, especially that of it floating in floods. What type of bamboo will be used? We’re just starting to see an interest in bamboo in Ireland, the thought of building sustainable weatherproof housing hasn’t gotten this far yet.

    • Basically all bamboos float (for that matter all materials float). But the challenge is floating an entire house on demand. That too during floods? Highly questionable.

      The ideal way to go ahead is to try and test it with only local bamboo, because natural material behaves differently in different whether conditions. If weatherproof is the requirement, most important.

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