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‘Wormhole’ conical bamboo structures

November 7, 2013

Indonesian architect Eko Prawoto’s ‘wormhole’ punctuates Singapore’s cityscape by pitching three conical bamboo structures on the lawn of the National Museum of Singapore. The immersive installation beckons viewers inside its mysterious interior, which is only visible through a small slit along its side that peels open like a page of a book. Thematically, the passage of time is reflected within through artistic details: moving clouds can be seen through circular apertures at the cone’s crown and the distinctive smell and texture of bamboo recall a bygone time when the material was widely used. Aesthetically, the walk-in sculpture simulates the contours of a mountain range, which are native to Indonesia, but quite uncommon to Singapore. Indonesian folklore regards mountains as an axis meditating between the earth and the heavens, an idea that influences the artwork’s namesake; a wormhole is the hypothetical opening in the galaxy, which would allow for time and space travel. ‘wormhole’ is a part of the Singapore Biennale 2013 until February 16th, 2014. 




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